Digital India


Our Mahatma Gandhi Govt. Arts and Science College Kharsia is a Digital College like Digital India. No doubt, it is digitised in so many forms :

  1. ONLINE ADMISSION — Online registration, admission, enrollment, online admitted and lock, online exam fees payment to university direct and so many online facilities have been provided to regular and private/ex students by Atal Bihari Vajpayee Vishwavidyalaya Bilaspur.
  2. ONLINE SCHOLARSHIP  — its also an online system by government.
  3. ONLINE PAYMENT OF COLLEGE FEES — There is no finance clerk in college to take college fees from regular or private students and to give them receipts. Students go to computer shop/ cyber shop or open their mobile/ laptop and being online, open “”, through SB COLLECT, they pay their fees and print the receipts.
  4. E- NOTICE — By the “GENERAL NOTICE” under the “NOTICES” in website, students can see all type of notices. No need to see “college notice board” for any notice. Like this, any professor can see notices which is issued for them by the Principal or higher athority. Parents on public can also see the notices going through the website.
  5. HIGHTECH INFO — Anybody can see the achievements like programme’s photo, paper cutting in gallery or various department tabs.
  6. ONLINE FEEDBACK — Teachers, Students, allumni, parents can give online feedback about the college and teachers/ employees without paper.
  7. BULK SMS — College sends all type of notices to regular students by bulk sms designed in website.
  8. WHATSAPP GROUP — College professors have created whatsapp groups for regular students to give messages to them. Groups have been created classwise, semester wise, department wise, mentor wise and for ncc, nss, placement unit etc seperately. Educational and career counselling messages are sent them regulary.


आदेश क्रमांक Q दिनांक 19.11.2020 

Digilocker में नियमित छात्रों के पंजीयन हेतु निम्नानुसार प्रभारी बनाया जाता है. विवि से प्राप्त पत्र का अवलोकन कर समय सीमा में सभी छात्रों का पंजीयन निश्चित करें-

बी ए - श्री गोपेश पाण्डेय 

बी कॉम - श्री आर के साहू 

बी एससी गणित - श्री एल एस पोर्ते 

बी एससी बायो - श्री एस के मेहरा 

समस्त स्नातकोत्तर - श्री डी के यादव 

21/11/2020 की स्थिति में रिपोर्ट मुझे सौंपे.

प्राचार्य (डॉ पी सी घृतलहरे) 

National Voters Day Report on 25.1.2021.pdf

Scree shot of e governanve.pdf

623 E governance.pdf