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For enhancing learning experiences the faculty members adopt many ways, for example, lecture method, interactive method, project and field work method, computer-assisted method, experiment method etc. Teaching and learning activities are made effective by these practices. Many teachers use the conventional black-board presentation methods, especially in mathematics, commerce and economics, where they teach mathematics and statistics as numerical solving. Also, some teachers use power point presentations and computer-based materials. For, they use the lectures of you-tube to make learning interesting besides the conventional oral presenting methods.

Some Student centric methods are given below:

Project methods: The project work stimulate student’s interest on the subject and provide student an opportunity of freedom of thoughts and free exchange of different views. As per the requiremsent of syllabi, the project work is done. For example, the Projects are done in PG classes like M.Com and in Environment and Geography in UG.

Interactive methods:  The faculty members make learning interactive with students by motivating student participation in group discussion, role-play, subject quiz, news analysis, educational games, discussion and questions and answers on current affairs, etc. Class room discussion in various topics is done under features. Especially, NSS, Political science department and other literature department organize interactive methods many times in a year.

ICT Enabled Teaching: ICT enabled teaching includes Wi-Fi (Jio Fi) enabled class rooms with LCD projectors, Language Lab, etc. The institution adopts modern pedagogy to enhance teaching-learning process. The institution has the essential equipments to support the faculty members and students. Especially, the PG class Chemistry, M.Com., Hindi Department and UG Zoology (for Science) departments adopts these services.

Experiential learning: Experimental/Laboratory method is used in science subjects and geography in Arts to acquaint the students with the facts through direct experience individually. Students verify the facts and laws of the subject with the help of experiments. The department of Chemistry, Physics, Botany, Zoology and Geography uses this method. Students take interest and learn things via experiential learning.

Student Seminars: The Student seminars are organized for the PG learners where in the paper is presented by students on contemporary topics to enrich their learning experience.

Group Learning Method: Group Learning method is now being adopted through whatsapp group. Student share their notes and study material through this method. Whatsapp group are made by the concerned teacher. They share the information to each other.

Green-board presentation: In this method, each student is given a certain question. And student has to solve this problem in the black-board. The department of English has adopted this method.