Class XII scores are taken as the initial indicator of students’ learning ability at the entry level. Further judgment in subsequent years is based on academic performance, level of alertness, participation in discussions, and mid-semester evaluations. These are augmented by observations made by mentors. Students themselves express extra interests in subjects or approach teachers with their problems. Measures are taken accordingly to address the needs of students with different levels of competence.

Steps taken for advanced learners:

  1. Provided with references to journals and advanced study material
  2. Encouraged to make presentations, write papers and participate in international/national conferences/seminars/workshops
  3.  Given recommendation letters to pursue internships/placements in institutions of repute.
  4.  Students are involved in research projects taken up by faculty. This stimulates out-of-the-box thinking and provides training in planning and carrying out experiments and fieldwork, analyzing findings and publishing results.
  5.  In 2016-17, students were motivated to take part to be part of innovation as making of the models in order to make more practical the science.  Wherein they were mentored by multiple investigators. The projects were displayed in the institute ceremony hall where these innovations and models 
  6. Provided hands-on training in using latest apparatus and techniques in laboratories in various programs
  7. Semester/Annual toppers, Student Council and university rank holders are felicitated on the separate occasions.
  8. Given leadership roles in departmental and society activities to develop organizational skills and teach the value of teamwork. Students are chosen as class representatives, giving them an opportunity to display their leadership skills.
  9.  Motivated to write articles for the college/departmental magazines and also in the UGC Care list journals.
  10.  Nominated to represent the college or department in intra & inter-college competitions.
  11. Motivated to set high goals for themselves and counselled to prepare for entrance of SET/NET/PSC /VYAPAM and other competitive examinations.

Steps taken for slow learners:

  1. Efforts are made to identify the cause of their problem and appropriate solutions are worked out.
  2. Teachers coordinate with parents of slow learners so that their needs can be catered to.
  3. Mentor-mentee interaction keeps faculty in constant touch with students, irons out academic and personal issues, stimulates overall personality development.
  4. Academic problems are addressed in tutorial classes, assignments are evaluated, and suggestions for improvement are made. Some tutorial classes are taken as remedial sessions for slow learners.
  5. Slow learners are given more attention both inside and outside the class.
  6. Encouraged to take part in departmental activities. Those with potential eventually graduate to leadership roles.
  7. Efforts are made to identify and nurture their skills and talents in order to bolster their confidence.
  8.  The library is open till 5:30 pm to provide a space for study as this may not be available in their homes. It has special facilities for PWD (divyang) students. Multiple career options are suggested to all students, keeping in mind their aptitude and interests through the career placement Cell.